Celebrate Diwali at Indian Tandoor Restaurant, Kupu Kupu Jimbaran

Happy Diwali! Diwali or Deepavali is a Hindu festival of lights, celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere or spring in southern hemisphere. It is one of the most popular festivals of Hinduism and mostly celebrated by Indians. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over […]


Have you ever been wondering of becoming a make-up artist? Or would you like to enhance your make-up skill? Come and Join us every Wednesday at 02:00 PM and every Saturday at 10:00 AM for a 2 hours make-up tutorial by Shiseido! In Shiseido Make Up Academy at Kupu Kupu Jimbaran, you can learn about […]

Japanese Buffet Night On Every Saturday

Hello! It’s Saturday again! How would you spend your Saturday night? Maybe for a little bit of recommendation, you may invite your best friends for a sunset cocktail by the beach, and then have a Japanese Buffet Night at Oishi Tei Jimbaran before going to your midnight party in Seminyak. Japanese Buffet Night at Oishi […]

Seafood Rijstaffel at Jimbaran Beach Club

If you are wondering about “What is Jimbaran Beach Club Seafood Rijsttafel”, well you have come to a right place. In Jimbaran Beach Club, the signature dish is Seafood Rijsttafel. The word “Rijsttafel” is literally translated from Dutch which means “Rice Table”, in which the rice is served with small portions of the variety of […]

Variety of Indian Food at Indian Tandoor

Hello Indian Food Lover! For you who loves Indian Food, Indian Tandoor at Kupu Kupu Jimbaran Beach Club & Bamboo Spa by L”Occitane offers you a variety of both vegetarian or even non-vegetarian Indian food. The variety of Indian food including Shuruaat (appetizers), Soups, Salads, Exotic Kebab for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, such as Paneer […]

Oishi Tei Bento

Oishi Tei is a Japanese Restaurant managed by Kupu Kupu Jimbaran Beach Club & Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane. In Oishi Tei, there are many dishes and sushi that you may try, starting from the basic sushi that you may have already known to a bento, ramen, and even a variety of Teppanyaki. Here, in this […]

Opening Ritual On Your SPA Experience – Foot Massage by L’Occitane

Whatever massages therapy you choose, our SPA treatment at either Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane or Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane will always start with foot massage as a ritual. Foot massage is good for the health to soothe the pain and to relax yourself after a long walk. Before your spa treatment begins, you will […]

Afternoon Tea at Chocolate Café

Wondering where you can have your sweet time during afternoon tea time in Jimbaran? Chocolate Café is one of the places you may visit for a relaxing afternoon with your friends or partner, to enjoy a variety of French-style delicious cakes and desserts, and also a variety of hand-crafted artisanal chocolates. Besides, having your dessert, […]

The Magic of Shiseido Make Up

“Make up should never be used to hide yourself, it should be used to enhance your natural beauty” – Kira Carl Shiseido is Magic. A magic to enhance your natural beauty you have never discovered before, a magic to show the fabulousness in you, and the most importantly, it is a magic to express the […]

Indian Buffet at Indian Tandoor

Craving for some Indian Food? Kupu Kupu Jimbaran provides guests with various of delicious Indian Food at Indian Tandoor. On every Thursday, starting from 6 PM until 9 PM, Indian Tandoor offers guests an Indian Buffet at IDR 299,000 per person including welcome drink. The menu of Indian Buffet at Indian Tandoor are including; Indian-style […]