Verbana Bamboo Fussion Therapy is a signature treatment of Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane, using bamboo as the massage tools and using essentials oils of Verbana, a product by L’Occitane. This signature spa treatment of Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane starts with Foot Massage Ritual where the therapist will wash your feet using “Verbana Foaming Bath”, gently pressing on the pressure point and gently massage on them to release the tense.

After the Foot Massage ritual, the next opening ritual of full body massage is even more relaxed. The therapist will prepare a “Verbana Relaxing Essentials Oil Blend” for you to deeply and relaxingly inhale it. The fragrance of the essentials oil will reduce your stress and make you feel more relaxed. The massage then began, starting from feet up to body, shoulder and neck using three types of Bamboo. The three types of Bamboo includes Big Bamboo to gently stroke or massaging the body, a smaller bamboo for smaller parts of body and the last but not the least, pressure point bamboo to gently press on the pressure point.  Before begin to massage in any part of your body, the therapist will use the pressure point bamboo to gently press on your body to ease the tense.

The massage in the body part is the main point of this whole massage. The therapist uses the unique hand massage to massage on your back area, which massage will diverting your concentration and feel even more relax, which could even make you fall asleep. After that, the therapist will then massage using the Bamboo on you whole body including scapula, followed with the massage on your stomach and chest using the bamboo. The massage ends with closing ritual, using “Revitalizing Essentials Oil Blend” for your refreshment. It is really a rejuvenating and refreshing treatment that you can try. After the treatment, you will feel that your body is much lighter and refreshed.

When your body massage is done, you may take shower. However, the therapist will suggest you not to, because the body massage oils, “Revitalizing Massage Body Oil” will keep your skin moisturized. But if you prefer to take shower, you do not have to worry, as L’Occitane body lotion is prepared for you after showering.