QI Shiseido Spa is not only focuses on the Body Massage, but also “facial” with Shiseido’s signature massage techniques and products. Qi Face Ultimate Radiance Facial is most suitable for you who are suffering from hyperpigmentation.

Qi Face Ultimate Radiance Facial start with a foot ritual using Shiseido Green Tea Cleaning Salt to release the tense, continues with a gentle pressing on the whole body with TSUBO pressure points technique, which connects all the meridian line of the whole body.  The Facial starts with TSUBO pressing points on the face area and continues with checking out your face type with a magnifying light and starts to clean and tone your face accordingly with Qi Shiseido cleansing foam or cleansing cream depends on your skin type with a gentle and comfortable massage.

The facial treatment also includes face steaming to open the pores and removes the black-heads, followed by five different types of face massage such as face TSUBO pressure points, Lifting Massage, Drainage Massage, Anti-Aging Massage, and Face Shaping Massage. Afterwards, it is time for the Ultimate Radiance Facial mask from Qi Shiseido Spa which resulting in a more glowing and younger of your face skin. To wrap up the Facial Spa Treatment, the therapist will apply moisturizer on your face with a gentle massage.

These five different types of face massage and the cream mask from Qi Shiseido will surely make your skin younger, glowing and moisturized.

It is time to pamper yourself and beautify yourself with taking care of the health of your skin. For the appointment of QI Shiseido Spa treatment, please contact +62 361 3701089, we have pick up service to the venue as well.