Oishi Tei is a Japanese Restaurant managed by Kupu Kupu Jimbaran Beach Club & Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane. In Oishi Tei, there are many dishes and sushi that you may try, starting from the basic sushi that you may have already known to a bento, ramen, and even a variety of Teppanyaki.

Here, in this article, firstly we would like to introduce Oishi Tei Bento for you who like Japanese style lunch/dinner box with rice or sushi, which you can have it in the restaurant or even for take-away. Oishi Tei Bento has three choices such as Sakana Bento, Tempura Bento, and Tori Bento. These choices of bento are to satisfy our guest craving for which, each type has its own special dishes.

Firstly, Sakana Bento, it is a fish teriyaki, with steamed rice and green salad, accompanies with two kinds of sashimi which depends on the fish of the day itself, pickles, miso soup and fresh mix fruit. Secondly, Tempura Bento, in which many people has been familiar to this menu, it is a deep-fried prawn (mixed tempura) with California roll sushi, two kinds of sashimi (depends on the fish of the day), miso soup and fresh mix fruit. The last but not the least, it is Tori Bento, which mainly is about chicken teriyaki with steamed rice, green salad, omelet, miso soup and fresh mix fruit. All of the three kinds of bento are best compatible with green tea, where you can order it separately (not set).

All of the three kinds of bento have its own specialty. However, guest always asked about which are the recommended one? Well, according to the “live” review that we always ask from guests eating at Oishi Tei, most of them always choose Tempura Bento. However, the choices are always within you… What will you choose?